Our Vision

Having spent many years in the design and print industry gaining skills in sign-making, large format printing and vehicle graphics it became apparent that the only way to increase our presence in the vehicle graphics industry was to become a specialist for these services. This meant that the difficult decision was taken to cease production in our sign-making areas and focus our machinery and expertise purely on vehicle graphics. This then led to the birth of JustVehicleGraphics.co.uk. The idea was to completely focus our entire team on all aspects of this specific industry and become unique in the marketplace.

We draw expertise from our huge range of suppliers allowing us to offer an unrivalled range of services to the vehicle graphics industry. We are now in a fantastic position to offer this quality service to every possible corner of the industry ranging from a remote controlled car to a transit van and from a luxury yacht to a jumbo jet. Our motto is simply "if it moves it is a vehicle and if it is a vehicle we have the graphics for it."

Vehicle graphics by Just Vehicle Graphics

Fleet Services

We offer fantastic discounts if you have a fleet of vehicles along with FREE fleet management services. (A fleet is considered to be 2 vehicles or more).

Having conducted extensive market research we found the biggest issue fleet customers face is finding a company that has the capacity and willingness to supply a service capable of looking after a complete fleet. This then leads to using different companies across the UK to design and install their graphics which leads to continuity problems and can be very time consuming. We have tackled this problem head on by providing one account manager who will organise design and installation for every vehicle in the fleet. We ensure continuity as your fleet grows with your business by providing complete peace of mind that regardless of what your vehicle is and where it is located your branding will be maintained with one quick conversation with your account manager.

Example Case Study: Mr Burrows is the owner and Managing Director of a large telecommunications company with seven depots located in various parts of the UK including one in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland. Each depot has between nine and twelve vehicles operating in separate districts and every eighteen months the company replaces three vehicles in every depot to ensure their mileage targets are not exceeded. In the past he has authorised each depot to arrange their own installation of vehicle graphics through a local company. He uses a designer based in London who sends the artwork to each depot who aims to find the best deal locally. Historically this has caused two main problems:

  1. Inconsistency of invoicing and payments (different amounts being charged to different depots)
  2. Inconsistency to the branding on the vehicles (different qualities of vinyl, font sizes, logo colourings, etc.)

In order to combat these problems, JustVehicleGraphics.co.uk were able to recreate the branding across the entire new range in a way that led them to all look unified and invoicing was limited to one supplier. JustVehicleGraphics.co.uk were able to deal with Mr Burrows’ company via one account manager who had his artwork produced in house, arranged all the installation and dealt with the complete project from start to finish. Subsequently the process which previously consumed weeks of numerous phone calls and emails by various staff members within Mr Burrows’ organisation was minimised to a relationship between one member of the companies purchasing team and their allocated Account Manager at JustVehicleGraphics.co.uk.

Now every eighteen months the same Account Manager at JustVehicleGraphics.co.uk receives details of these new additions and is able to act on this information immediately and effectively.


Steve Stenton of UPVC Trade Centre, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

"Due to the rapid growth of my business I am constantly adding to my fleet of vans. In the past I used a small local company who were absolutely fine in the beginning. However, as my business grew and I began trading further afield, I found that organising times and dates that work for me was beginning to cause me issues. I was losing crucial trading days sending my lads to have the graphics fitted which in turn was losing me money. JustVehicleGraphics.co.uk approached me and offered to manage this problem. At first I was sceptical but they produced my exact branding and organised installation of the graphics in a location that suited me. The complete process was managed for me, which allowed me to carry on with the running of my business and I couldn’t believe how efficient the whole thing was. I would not go anywhere else now for my van graphics and would urge anyone with a similar dilemma to try JustVehicleGraphics.co.uk."

Steve Stenton

Upvc Trade CentreLtd



Darren Daley of Amandas Blinds, Rotherham

We recently purchased a new van for our business, JustVehicleGraphics really helped making our switch from old to new easy, from removing graphics from our old van so we could sell it ( this was an excellent job , you couldn't even tell that graphics had once been there) to designing and planning our new graphics. They worked with us on the new graphics and we are so pleased with the results. This is a great company to do business with, and they really made the transition from old to new so easy. We would definitely recommend and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Darren Daley 

Amandas Blinds Rotherham 



Nicola Marshall of Jellybean Campers, Nottinghamshire

We contacted David and the team when our normal supplier was unable to meet our needs. David was consistently prompt, professional and provided exactly what we needed when we needed it. Nothing was too much trouble and they went out of their way to help us. Overall we are extremely happy with the work they have done and shall be using them again in the future. 

Nicola Marshall

Jellybean Campers Blyth