Everyone loves a bit of customisation

In the vehicle graphics game, we are constantly being asked to carry out some really weird and wonderful things for people to make their vehicle stand out and let people know what they're all about.

Motorcyclists are one of the biggest guilty parties of this trait, any bike over about 2 weeks old is generally quite different to when it left the factory. We love riding em but we also love making them look pretty. Custom paint jobs, wraps, wheels, exhausts, nuts and bolts - you name it someone has replaced it! However, when it comes to tank pads you generally find there is an air of universalness (word created 10/04/2017) surrounding them. This got us thinking....a printer will print any image you want it to so why not let people design their own? There it was; www.customtankpads.co.uk was born!

We have created the website with simplicity in mind - simply upload your image, choose your style, pop in your details and within a few days it can be stuck on your petrol tank. As standard the pads are resin coated as you would expect from any tank pad to ensure full protection of your paintwork. They all come with a self adhesive backing which will offer itself perfectly to the curvature of your tank. If you do not have an image and would like us to create a design, simply send an email in with your idea to info@customtankpads.co.uk and we will get to work!  

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