Let me answer that

Remember the millenium bug back in...well 2000? Probably not, because it never happened. A rumour was spread in 1999 that at the stroke of midnight at the turn of the millenium every single computer in the world would suddenly crash and cause irrepairable damage to businesses. People started to panic, IT specialists were called in and business owners everywhere lay in wait for all their data to be lost forever. Now if you take into account that hospitals, police stations, space stations, etc are amongst billions of other businesses that rely on computers to operate this was a really big deal. However, the clock struck midnight and all was OK. 

The point I'm trying to make is that rumours are very rarely true and although very different we are faced with some bizarre objections to vehicle graphics on a daily basis. Read on and I will try to clarify:

1) Graphics will damage my paintwork - This is not true. The glue used in our vinyls is paint friendly and will not react with paint in any way. In actual fact, once the vinyls are removed you will be left with the same paintwork you had before they were applied. In fact, they do a great job of preventing sun bleaching to paintwork so you will find your paint looks better than equivalent vehicles of the same age!

2) My insurance company won't allow it - Now there is an element of truth here, but only in very few cases. The majority of insurance companies will want to know about any graphics but there are very few that will forbid it. By having graphics, your van is more unique and therefore more identifiable if stolen. It is always worth a quick call to your insurance company to find out their stance on it before committing. 

3) I will be a target for thieves - This can work both ways. A plain van is always interesting to a criminal, think storage hunters. It could be full of Gold Bars for all they know but if your a fish monger this is highly unlikely. A thief can be in your van in a matter of seconds so you would be better off fitting additional security rather than leaving the vehicle plain.

4) When I sell the vehicle, I won't be able to remove my graphics - Nope. They are quite easily removed. If you are not sure we offer a removal service and if we have fitted your graphics we will offer a discount to this service.

5) I drive like a t**t and don't want my telephone number plastered all over my van - Erm....OK fair enough


Aside from this, if you do have any concerns about installing graphics, post your comments below and we will endeavour to answer everyone!

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